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At Amichai We envisage a society that provides high-quality, accessible and integrative services to all people with special needs throughout their lifetime, regardless of age or level of disability; enabling each individual to progress toward independence, equality & self- fulfillment


will provide a day of activities for Noa or one of her 200 friends at Amichai's summer programs for children with developmental disabilities 


will provide a week of recreation for Bat El or one of her 24 friends at Amichai's  inclusive community housing 


will provide weekend respite activities for Dan and 7 of his friends with autism at Amichai's new modern facility


will provide a month of physiotherapy support for Amichai's occupational center participants


will provide recreational camp activities for 150 kids and youngsters with Autism, developmental and physical disabilities  


will support an annual program of 3 days/week 

for kids with Autism

We regard every person as a whole, an entire world unto himself, with unique qualities and abilities, desires and needs. We believe that people with developmental disabilities of all ages deserve an opportunity to live their lives fully, with dignity & quality of life, in a normative environment. We assert that the duty of our society is to ensure this birthright of its special sons and daughters, to be members of the community in which they reside, throughout their lifetime. Our focal mission is to respond to the authentic, urgent call of people with special needs and their families, and find ways to ease their inevitable hardships.

Amichai NPO/NGO

Rg. number 580243129

P.O Box 817 Hod Ha'Sharon 4510810 Israel


Email - | Phone +972542121660

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